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Athlos Mens Raglan T-Shirt

Athlos Mens Raglan T-Shirt

Rs. 1,297.00


Wear it to the gym, wear it on your runs, wear it for a post-run beer. Wherever you wear it, the raglan shirt has your back. Made with a sense of style that lets you blend in right from the gym floor to your favorite coffee shop. Subtle, versatile and cozy, the raglan is built to become a staple part of your wardrobe.



When you are doing multiple activities a day, the 100% polyester just doesn’t cut it. Even the easiest activities would render the synthetic tees fit only for the wash basket. Say hello to bamboo, the latest kid on the block. If you’ve never worn it before, you’re in for a revelation. The difference comes with the fabric. Soft, breathable and lightweight, we have combined it with advanced anti-odour technology to keep you odour-free while you work up a sweat.



With a unique sleeve cut and chafe-free stitching this shirt is designed to be both, flattering as well as practical. Classy yet informal, the flex tee makes for a great versatile t-shirt.


Athletic. Neither too tight nor too loose. If you are in-between sizes go for the lower sizes for a snug fit or go for a higher size for a roomier fit.

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